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Eric Formato, founder of Formatografia and his team offer a wide variety of services, namely Content Creation, Brand Building, and Content Management. They do everything from photos, videos, logos, taglines, eBooks, and blog posts, to building entire brands and websites from the ground up. Their foundation is set in the personal connection with clients, and the quality crafted content they produce. Their mission is to work with like minded people to create digital brands that express their client's humanity in order to foster meaningful connections with their audience and establish a powerful online presence that consistently grows and impresses the target audiences.


Content Creation

After connecting with clients on a personal level, they create custom and personable content to engage audiences of all kinds. As far as content, you name it, they make it. Some include Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Logos / Taglines, Website Development, Analytics and SEO, Blog posts with original media and copy, eBooks / Newsletters, and more.

Brand Building

This area of work can encompass several different aspects of a brand. In ground up projects, the team works face to face with clients to envision a base brand identity like a company name, logo, tagline, style, values etc. From there, they build a foundation of base content to bring what's on paper to life in the digital realm.  This also include audits and supplemental development for already established brands. Their goal is to help and progress brands.

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Content Management

The team not only creates powerful and engaging content, but they can take it a step further by creating customized and strategic content calendars that plan out each and every post down to the minute over to maximize impact, exposure, engagement, website traffic, and SEO rankings. Formatografia acts as a one stop shop to create, organize, optimize, and manage posts to social media, websites, blogs, etc. all with the client's business goals and brand identity in mind. This allows brand owners to take their hands off the wheel and focus on their own important tasks, while watching their likes, followers, website traffic, and exposure rise dramatically.

Feel free to contact the team, and tell us about your business goals, vision, or questions on how to strengthen your brand and its online presence. What makes us different from other content creation agencies is our commitment to the humanization of digital brands through well crafted, personable, and impactful content.